Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moving along

I came out to my straight roommate a few days ago. It was a very awkward conversation. I didn't really lead up to it, except for mentioning the girl from my previous post. Then I said something to the effect, "we're not together because I am gay." Ohh the silence! It felt like it was going to last forever, and just when I was about to get up and start shopping for a new apartment, my roommate speaks.

"Wait, so she doesn't have a boyfriend? You lied to me?"

And those were the first words he spoke to me as a gay man. No condemnation, no disgust, and no searching to determine if I thought he was cute, just playful banter. After a few minutes of joking, he told me it would take a few days for him to wrap his mind around this new information. I assured him I was exactly the same as I was before.

Three days later he walks into the room and asks, "so, you're gay? No problem."

It was an amazing feeling. No negative feelings, no distrust, in fact we are closer now than ever. Most importantly though, I am free. I don't lie, cover my tracks, or hide anything. It is an amazing feeling.

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  1. Sounds like The Lord has been watching out for you! You've been blessed with an incredible roommate by the sound of it. Do you have a contact email?